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If you are planning to start a new instrument rental for back to school, why not come do it now?
This year, anyone who starts their rental contract in August will get the first three months for the price of two!  You’ll pay for August and September, but not be due again until the same date in NOVEMBER! 

We all want your player in a great instrument and we all want less to do in September! 
This program is a win-win.  See you at Robert's Music!
Rent-to-Own at Robert's Music

Program Overview:
The Rent-to-Own program at Robert's Music allows the student access to a great instrument without their family having to pay a lot up front.  The money spent on the rental is credited towards the purchase of the instrument, with up to a 40% early purchase discount available.  If the student needs to change instruments or return, they can do so at any time.  The total cost of the rental is based on the MSRP of the instrument.

Rental Program FAQ's:

Q:  Why rent?
  It is important for the new musician to have a high quality, brand name instrument right from the beginning.  Renting allows families to provide a great instrument to their child without spending a lot of money up front.  Also, not every child stays with the instrument they start with.  Our rental program allows you to exchange or return with no penalties.

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Q:  What if my child changes his/her mind?
  An exchange to another instrument that we rent is allowed at any time.  We credit up to 6 months of your payments to the next instrument.  If your child has played for 1-6 months, then your full equity gets credited to the second instrument.  However, please keep in mind that the limit is six months.  For example, if your child plays for eight months and then changes instruments, six months of equity gets transferred.  Most students know fairly quickly if the instrument is the one for them or not.

You may return at any time by coming into Robert's Music or calling for instructions.  Sometimes you just don't need our instrument any more.  Maybe a family member lets you borrow one, or maybe your child is just not going to continue.  Returning cancels your contract.  From the day you return our instrument and forward, there is no further money due.  If you were past due at the time of return, then of course you would have to catch up until the return date. 

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Q:  What if the instrument needs fixing?  Is there insurance?
  Repairs are done right here at Robert's Music.  Rob also visits many schools weekly to do on-site repairs and deliver supplies.  Be sure to ask your teacher what day Rob will be there.  Maybe we can save you the trip!  If you have R&R, there is no charge for the rental repair.

Repair & Replacement Program (R&R)
The optional Repair and Replacement is an insurance-like program that protects the instrument from damage, fire and theft.  A small fee for this program is added to the monthly rental cost.  Many families elect to participate in the R&R program because of the "OOPS" factor that occurs when instruments are in the hands of kids, in a school, surrounded by other kids!  Details are written in the contract, but just about everything except for accessories and blatant abuse of the instrument is covered.

All rental instruments come with a 30-day warranty.  If something happens within this time, it will be fixed with no charge with or without R&R.  After that, you will be charged for repairing or replacing the instrument unless you have the R&R coverage.  Please note:  if there is obvious abuse or misuse of the instrument the warranty will not apply. 

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Q:  What comes with the instrument?
  All instruments come with cases and all of the accessories that are considered part of the complete "outfit".  For brass instruments this means instrument, case, mouthpiece and valve or slide oil.  Flutists get the flute, case and cleaning rod.  Clarinet players get the instrument, case, cork grease, a reed and cleaning swab.  Percussion players get the instrument, instrument stand, case, sticks and/or mallets, and drum pad or snare muffle.  String players get the instrument, case, bow and rosin.  All of our violins, violas and cellos have fine tuners on each string.  If you have specific questions about an instrument not listed here, please call.

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Q:  What is the difference between your instruments and cheap ones I see at discount stores and online?
  We get this question a lot. The materials used in the making of "cheap" instruments is much softer and more fragile than those used by name brand manufacturers.  Often these items do not work well even when brand new and sometimes can not be brought into tune with the rest of the ensemble.  There is a limit to how often, if at all, the instrument can be fixed because of the fragility of the brass or keywork.  It's hard enough to learn to play an instrument without trying to work around something that started out with issues.  As one teacher puts it, "It's like learning to ride a bike with loose handlebars:  not impossible, but much harder than it should be!"  We suggest talking to your band or orchestra director for their input as well.

**Be Careful! In the past couple of years we have seen some local music stores taking the cheap and easy way as well.  If you find a price that seems too good to be true, find out the brand and talk to your teacher so you don't get stuck!**

Did you know that cheap instruments never save you money?  Let's say you spend $179 on a new instrument.  A school year's rent costs about the same.  If your child plays for only one year, you will break even.  But, if your child quits or wants to play something else in the first year, you're out all of the money!  Renters can return, and only end up paying for the time they had the instrument, or exchange.  If your child is going to play for more than one year, then he/she is going to need a better instrument because cheap instruments tend to stop working (or need constant repair) starting in the second year.  At that point the process of acquiring an instrument starts all over again.  Renters can just pay off their instrument with the early purchase discount and know the instrument will last a lifetime.  Again, please contact your band or orchestra director for their input and to hear their experiences.

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Q:  How much is the rent per month?
  Rental Prices start at $20.00 per month ($16.36 plus tax and R&R) and vary by the type and newness of the instrument.   The length of the contract is figured out by taking MSRP of the instrument and dividing by the monthly cost.  The contracts range from 20 to 64 months, and can be shortened by purchasing early at a discount or returning the instrument to end the contract.  
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Q:  Do I have to go to West Warwick?
  Well...maybe.  If you are one of our in-store customers, then you would usually need to come into our store to take advantage of all our services.  If Robert's Music is the official vendor for your school, then Rob visits your school weekly to do repairs and make deliveries.  In that case, we save you the trip. 

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Q:  Do I need an appointment to rent an instrument?  What do I bring?
  No appointment is necessary to rent an instrument.  Come in anytime during business hours and we will be happy to work with you. 

The person who is financially responsible for the instrument will need to come in to fill out and sign the contract.  We will collect the first two months of rent at this time.  Most teachers give students a list of supplies needed including method book, music stand, extra reeds, etc.  These items are available for purchase at the time of rental.  Please be sure to bring ID and a credit card since both are required.  If you do not have a credit card, or debit card with a Visa/MC logo, please contact us to ask about the option of an additional deposit.

**Your child only needs to come with you if they are playing violin, viola or cello so we can measure him or her.  All band instruments are one-size-fits-all.**

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