RI's Family Music Store


Every student who participates in a school band or orchestra program needs their own instrument.  Rental night gives families a chance to rent their child's instrument and get all the necessary supplies without having to got to the music store. Teachers are often at these rentals as well to answer any questions you have about the school program.
What happens at rental night:
Staff from Robert's Music brings instruments, books and any other supplies you need to the rental.  We will answer any questions you have, process paperwork and payment, and send the items home with your family that night.
Most people will pay for two months of rent, a book and have the option of buying a music stand for at home practice.  String instruments also have the option of a school year rental. 
Things to know before you go:
  • The adult that will be paying for the instrument must be at the rental to complete the contract.
  • A photo ID and a credit card (or debit card with a credit card logo) are required on the contract.  However, you may pay with credit card, check or cash.
  • There are some one-time purchase items
    • Band or Orchestra Book - cost is between $10 and $17 depending on which one your school has chosen.  This is a required item. (Bristol Warren - you are different and will receive a flyer about this!)
    • Music Stand - used for at home practicing.  $15.  This is optional but highly recommended by teachers because posture is very important when playing an instrument.
    • Shoulder sponge - $4.  Used with violin and viola.
    • 3 extra reeds - $9 for clarinet, $10 for alto sax, $12 for tenor sax.  Not needed for other instruments.
  • Used band instruments have limited availability.  We will bring what is allocated for your school, but once those are gone a new instrument will have to be rented.  
  • The number of instruments and supplies brought to rental night is based on what your school has done in previous years.  Some years things change unexpectedly!  If we run out of any instruments or supplies, we will be sure to get them to your child very quickly by delivering them to the school. 
  • If you are unable to attend rental night, please come see us at the store during business hours or call us to discuss your options.